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Todd H. Hicks

Todd H. Hicks

CEO/Managing Partner

Todd is the CEO and founder of Allegiance Retirement Solutions, Inc. a wealth management team that serves clients from their North Atlanta office near Duluth.

Todd and his wife Teresa have lived on their small ranch in Gainesville, Georgia since 1997. Since 1983, Todd and his team have been making a significant impact in the lives of clients both financially and on a personal level.

“I believe my drive and passion comes from a deep desire to serve and help others. I know and remember what it is like to do without and what it takes to turn life into a different direction and outcome. I purposely chose a noble profession that helps others obtain their aspirations and dreams. The work we do has a significant impact on generations to come, and that is real “legacy planning”.

His approach is straight forward but built on a foundation of honesty, integrity and years of knowledge and experience. Todd is a published author, ex-radio host of The Retirement Coach show, public speaker and a mentor to many.

Todd and his wife Teresa founded Angel’s Touch Charity a 501(c)3 that helps hurting and special needs of families and individuals. The charity has had a profound impact on the lives of others and is also a helping hand to families at Christmas that otherwise would not be in the position to celebrate the season due to financial hardships. Children are a special concentration and benefactor of the charity.

Todd spends his personal time as an avid outdoorsman and conservationist. Whether it is climbing a 10,000 foot mountain or horseback riding in the British Columbia Mountains, it’s in nature that he finds peace, tranquility and the still voice of God and his beautiful creation.