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“I want to have the same standard of living when I stop working.”

James S. Client of ARS

Retirement income can come from three places. You may have a pension, your personal savings (including inheritance) and Social Security. The number of Americans who have pensions has been declining for years. Social Security benefits seem to me changing quickly. In 2016 the government changed the spousal rules, eliminating large amounts of potential income for married retirees. What is going to change in the coming years?

Like it or not, you are becoming more responsible for your retirement income. Saving for retirement is typically the most important savings program a client takes on. You have to save the correct amount of money and then invest it properly over the years to have a chance at having enough to live on.

At Allegiance Retirement Solutions (ARS), we have been helping clients for over 25 years plan for retirement. We partner with the client to understand their current financial situation. By understanding their current situation, we can make recommendations to free up funds for long term investing without affecting their current financial responsibilities.

Planning in these areas will give you a better chance at a successful retirement.

  • Retirement Income
  • Retirement Expenses
  • Taxes
  • Estate Planning
  • Risk Planning
  • Income Distribution Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Healthcare (Medicare)

We work with clients to create plans that help clients pursue their Retirement Goals. The earlier we start working with our clients the easier it is to create a plan that is least disruptive to their current lifestyle.