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Money Management

Allegiance Retirement Solutions creates custom portfolios for our clients. We follow a fiduciary standard. This means that we have to put our clients’ interests first. Our team would not have it any other way. We have access to thousands of different investments. We do not get paid based on the investments we choose; rather we earn our fees based on the value of your portfolio multiplied by our small advisory fees.

We use investing methods created by Harry Markowitz and William Sharp over 50 years ago when creating our portfolios. It is called the Modern Portfolio Theory. Both men were co-winners of the Nobel Prize in 1990 for this work. Their work on creating portfolios has helped us to help clients pursue their financial goals.

Our investment portfolios are customized, based on each client’s needs. We choose investments based on economic expectations, growth patterns, cost, turnover, yield, duration, standard deviation, price earnings ratios and other factors.

Our portfolio team has over 60 years in the financial industry, but we still reach out to many well respected individuals and companies to gather opinions before committing to a specific investment. We are able to have frank conversations with these well respected companies because of our size and reputation in the industry.

Our team reviews the entire portfolio and each investment annually. Studies have shown that portfolios should only be changed every 12-18 months. We typically make changes in our portfolio the first quarter of the year. We do continually watch the economy, the stock markets and our individual investments to see if changes need to be made. Most years no changes are necessary.