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Community Outreach

Living Water for Girls

Allegiance Retirement Solutions has partnered with Circle of Friends to volunteer with the Living Water For Girls Learning Resource Center to provide a Financial Education to the girls participating in the educational program.

Circle of Friends

Circle of Friends was founded September 12, 1999, with the mission to serve, empower and equip women to make a positive difference in the lives of other women and girls. Circle of Friends has three main programs, Living Water for Girls, Living Water Learning Resource Center and Living Water Social Enterprise. Through their programs, survivors of violence, street life and human sex trafficking and exploitation can find safety and heal from traumatic life events, pursue educational endeavors and acquire skills to become self-sufficient.

Angel’s Touch, Inc. (501(c)3)

Todd and Teresa Hicks are the founders of Angel’s Touch, Inc. a charity that helps individuals and families in need. Todd is from New Orleans. He became very frustrated and disappointed watching how major charities were slow to help those in need following hurricane Katrina. Much of the funds raised were soaked up in the salaries and scams versus truly helping those in need. Todd drove to New Orleans to help those struggling himself. In 2007 he officially started Angel’s Touch, Inc. Since then, Angel’s Touch, Inc. has been a true blessing to a multitude of folks needing that “special touch”.

In December of each year, families in dire need and experiencing unfortunate circumstances are nominated by clients and friends to get assistance from Angel’s Touch, Inc. Angel’s Touch, Inc. has made a significant impact on the community by providing a source of assistance to those in need.

Life Enrichment Boot Camp and the Marriage Boot Camp

Todd Hicks and Annette Walters are local directors and assist in facilitating the Life Enrichment Boot Camp and the Marriage Boot Camp in the Greater Atlanta area.

Life Enrichment Boot Camp

The Life Enrichment Boot Camp, created by Jim Carroll under the training of Dr. Phil, is an intense, life-changing, self-improvement seminar that is the perfect place to increase self-esteem, value and worth

Marriage Boot Camp

Marriage Boot Camp is a daytime program for couples who are married, divorced, considering divorce, considering marriage or have been hurt in a relationship. It is an intense transformational powerhouse for relationships and includes all the elements of the Life Enrichment Boot Camp plus drills on marital topics such as conflict resolution, anger management, negative reactions, needs, wants, intimacy, communication, differences, and decision making.

Living Water for Girls, Circle of Friends, Angel's Touch and Life Enrichment Boot Camp and the Marriage Boot Camp are separate entities from Allegiance Retirement Solutions, Merit Financial Group and LPL Financial.